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About the founder

My name is Richard Dam, born in The Netherlands (1976) and married to my wife Marjon. After having received a bachelor’s degree in Technical Computer Science, I have worked as a software engineer/designer for various companies. Among these companies are ASML, Philips, BenQ Mobile and Asset Control. During these years, I have learned that a good understanding of the customer’s needs is of utmost importance. Translating these needs into an efficient software solution is my passion. Also see my LinkedIn profile.


My father, who is an expert in the field of pipeline design, came up with the idea of partly automating the design op pipeline constructions in 1996. Me and my brother had knowledge about programming and started working out the idea, according to my father’s guidelines. The results were promising, so we continued adding more features and a higher degree of automation. The software grew out to be an integrated solution. For various reasons however, the software was never commercialized. Because there is still great potential for the software, I wanted to give it a serious chance. In 2015, I decided to work fulltime on improving the software (supported and encouraged by my wife). The software was technically updated (database, CAD output, reporting) and was enhanced with a new major feature (HDD drillings). In April 2016, I founded Smartficient.

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