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Automated 3D Pipeline Design Software

Automated 3D pipeline design software for engineering and construction companies

Smartficient’s automated 3D pipeline design software helps engineering and construction companies to be more efficient by saving time and reducing costs for pipeline design and construction.

Key benefits

  • High accuracy. Because calculations and drawing are performed by software, there is less chance of human errors.
  • Cost-effective design. The software optimizes the design which results in:
      • Less welds. Full pipe lengths are used whenever possible.
      • Less waste of material. Because there are less welds, there is also less waste of material.
      • Less digging. Required digging is minimized.
      • Less bends. Whenever appropriate, combined (3D) bends are designed. These bends combine a horizontal and vertical bend into one. Besides, bends can be designed as elastic (to a maximum angle) if so desired.

Also see Pipeline Construction Optimization.

  • Shorter lead time. A high degree of automation reduces the time needed for detailed design up to 80% (compared to traditional design using CAD software).
  • Lower design costs. Because of highly increased productivity, the costs of a pipeline engineer using the software is drastically lower.

Key features

  • Automated construction calculations in 3D.
  • Automated alignment sheet generation.
  • Automated pipeline construction optimization.
  • HDD drillings: software assisted, semi-automatic.
  • Reporting: Bends and Bill of Materials.
  • Customizable: Meet your design requirements.

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