Pipeline construction optimization

One of the major costs of pipeline construction is the welding of joints. Welding is a complex task. For each weld, grinding, preheating, stress relieving and non-destructive testing needs to be done (to name just a few). This requires man hours of a lot of skilled personel. Each weld is a potential point of failure and therefore a potential delay in the schedule. Therefore, trying to limit the number of welds is a great time and cost saver. A single weld would typically cost between several hundreds to several thousands Euro’s/Dollars.
Using sophisticated pipeline construction optimization techniques, our software optimizes the design, so the number of welds and cuts are reduced.


  • Less welding (up to 3 %)
  • Less cutting (up to 25 %)
  • Less scrap material
  • Less points of failure
  • Quick calculation of time consuming optimization

Following video shows the software’s pipeline construction optimization in action.